happy 3rd birthday, sadee!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

In 13 years I'm going to be sitting here feeling the exact same as I am now - bewildered and amazed by this glowing light of pure oblivion that yes, not only do I have a daughter, but she is growing and getting older and 99% of the time I'm not at all okay with it.  Yet, she's growing and learning and proud of herself every step of the way.  Of course I am too, but I also look at her squishy lips and dimpled cheeks and think, "Please, please!  Just don't grow up."  How I deeply wish she will remember these years where we are friends the majority of the time and she wants my love and affection.  Oh how I need my patience to grow in order to accept all that 3-year-old loving goodness.
We've been talking to Sadee about her birthday all week.  She'll proudly tell you that she will be 3 (or sometimes 4).  At bedtime, she always makes me lay in bed next to her - both of our heads on her pillow and our noses almost touching.  She smiles when I sing her a song and always sings along (or at least mouth's the words).  Tonight we discussed that her birthday is tomorrow and she's completely giddy about it!  We looked each other in the eyes and I kissed her cheeks and she giggled and wiggled away.  I asked her if she would stay 2 forever.  She laughed and said no.  I asked her if she would just stay little and be my baby forever.  She laughed and said no.  I asked her if we would always be friends and if she would let me kiss her when she's older.  She laughed and said yes.  I laughed and kissed her cheeks again and then she told me to get out of her bed.  Yeah... some things will never change, right?!

It makes me happy knowing that she recognizes the joy in growing older and that it's exciting to move on to the next step, to learn more and get big enough to do something new.  I'm proud of her constant determination, curiosity and fearlessness.

To my Sadee: You are THREE tomorrow!  You are excited to get presents and have "that cake that nana had last year" with purple candles.  You've asked specifically for 5 candles.  You are excited to be "phree" and to sing Happy Birthday.  I love you!  I love everything you are and can be and will be.  I love the sparkle you carry in your eyes and the way you make everyone (especially strangers) feel valued and happy.  I hope you always feel valued and happy, too!  I feel lucky to be your momma and be on this journey with you.  As always, be kind.  Kindness can take you further than anything else.  I love you forever and ever! - Momma

Happy, happy birthday!

twelve months

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Oh, no biggie... he turned one a few months ago!  Every parent says it with every child, but wow! How does time go by so quickly?  This boy is wild.  Can you see that look of curiosity in his eyes and those teeth flashing through his smirk and that crazy hair that will never be tamed due to constant run-ins with the carpet.  I'll tell you what, he keeps us all on his toes with his infectious laugh and constant, intentional humor.  It never occurred to me that someone so tiny could be such a comedian!

Here are a few things about Cam:
- Wears size 4 diapers (bumped down a size due to excessive walking).
- Wears 12-18 months clothes, although the pants are always too long.
- Always smiles with his teeth showing.
- Loves to wrestle and tackle anyone that's down at his level.
- Is relentless at taking toys from his big sister.
- Loves anything that has buttons or anything he shouldn't touch - garbage cans, cleaners, tools.
- Enjoys playing with brooms and mops.  They keep him entertained for hours.
- Enjoys digging in the dirt (specifically shoveling dirt into a bucket).  Also keeps him entertained for hours.
- Can throw a mean tantrum... we're talking throwing himself on the floor and screaming.
- Likes to eat, but doesn't eat meat hardly ever.  
- Is very on-and-off with different foods.  He likes tomatoes, but won't always eat them.
- Favorite foods include oranges, watermelon, strawberries, popcorn, grapes and crackers.
- Hates being buckled into his car seat, but is fine once everything is locked in.
- Loves to push things around the house - strollers, shopping carts, toy poppers, vacuums.
- Is still very stingy about taking naps, but sleeps great at night.
- Has 6 teeth, with a few molars cutting in.
- Enjoys bath time, but sometimes cries about it.
- Loves to dance and clap to music.
- Favorite sport is Basketball.  He will always choose a basketball if given a choice and will even watch it on TV with dad.
- Also enjoys any sport with a racket (go figure!).  Lately he's been carrying a badminton racket around since it's light enough to move around.

Happy 12 months to you, my boy!  

we're still alive

Monday, May 4, 2015

In case anyone is still out there... I thought I'd let you know we are still alive over here.  We purchased a house back in March, so we've been in over our heads with painting, flooring, sanding and spending a lot of money.  And when I say "we", mostly I mean my husband and his dad and brother.  Bless them!  We are one week into this "remodeling" thing and they have worked incredibly hard, all while I stayed home with our babes and basically bossed them around with my endless amounts of requests for this little home.  

With that in the works, everything else in life is behind and I'm pretty sure we'll never catch up.  But, we have a home and a yard and... dare I say it... a dishwasher, bathtub and yard that we can call ours!  Hallelujah!

I promise I'll be back here soon... playing catch up to about 8 million things - we're talking clear back to Cameron's birth story that I promised myself I'd post on his one year birthday and baby showers and baptisms and all other family events that have kept us beyond busy.

Oh, and also, ignore the fact that I started redesigning my blog about a months ago and then ran out of time to even think about thinking about it... so it's unfinished once again and probably won't be completely done for another couple of months. 

celebrate! cam's first birthday

Monday, March 30, 2015

It's hard to pass up an opportunity to throw a party and a first birthday is the perfect reason to celebrate.  We gathered all our favorite people, served some seriously delicious grub and topped it all off with homemade apple pie, including a mini one just for the birthday boy.  He got a big pile of gifts that we opened today, but he mostly played with the tissue paper from each package.  You know, typical one-year-old thing to do.

The last couple of days I've definitely seen this "big boy" side of Cameron that I've never noticed before.  He ran after a little fire-truck he received as a gift and he giggled really hard while watching the lawn sprinklers and I just thought, "Wow!  He's not a baby anymore."  Alright, I totally know this happens to every mother with each of their children, but it's still comes as a shocking realization every time.

Here's to a first birthday celebration!
And growing babies!

happy first birthday, cameron james!

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's official.  I'm speechless.  How is it possible that this day comes?  My baby boy is one!  ONE YEAR OLD!  I remember staring at his face after he was born and not being able to take my eyes off him.  It was terrifyingly wonderful... and then Sadee came to meet him and  I'm pretty sure my heart could have burst.  They have been two peas-in-a-pod ever since.  He slid right into our family like he was there all along.

Cameron and I took a little extra time to get to know each other in this life.  He's stubborn and determined and feisty.  He sees fun and adventure all around him.  He is never afraid to try new things.  People have commented on some of my social media posts saying what a fun mom I am, but the truth is, it's all him.  He's curious, inquisitive and happy.  I can honestly tell you it is not something we taught him, it's how he came... it's who he is.  I've especially loved the last few months as he is learning to show affection.  Cam snuggles, kisses, hugs and gives the occasional high-five.  Just today he was trying out a new activity with Sadee.  On occasion, he would run over to me and rest his body on my arm.  He'd tilt his head toward me, grin and run off.  I love that.  I love that he loves me.  I love that he needs me.  I love that he leans on my leg or arm or tummy just to rest and hang out.  I love that he lets me hold him without fighting to get down.

And so, my Cameron James.  Today marks your first year on this Earth!  I was unprepared for your bravery and courage to accomplish what you set your mind to.  Please keep that spirit of determination.  I have no doubt that your ability to laugh and explore will guide you to great things!  Thank you for your patience with me as I have learned how to mother you properly... and your continuing patience as I learn more everyday.  Thank you for diving right into being Sadee's best friend, she needed you, you know?!  Thank you for being daddy's right-hand man, especially in basketball and video games.  I know the two will be very special to each other.

We love you Cam Bam!!  Happiest of birthday to you!


eleven months

Thursday, March 19, 2015

These last few months have been an absolute blur, but if I'm being totally honest, Cameron's whole life has been a blur for us.  He has added a real punch and fire to our family that has been wild.  Oh how we love him!  This last month has been particularly fun because with all the commotion, he has pulled out a some tender moments.  A few snuggles here, a newly discovered version of a kiss there and a simple flashing smile from across the room is enough to make anyone melt into a puddle.  While I wish I could rewind and learn to enjoy every single moment, I'm greatly looking forward to the next year of his life.  Him and his sister will be such buddies.  When Sadee was a baby, I remember wondering if I could possibly love her more than her newborn self.  Every day I loved her more.  It's been the same way with Cameron, except I knew I could love him more and basked in every time I felt the increase in love.  As he approaches age ONE, I'm just thrilled for this little person who is continually surprising me and challenging me and loving me unconditionally.

As for Cam's 11 month of life, here is what it was like:
- Still only has 6 teeth {four on top, two on bottom}.
- Discovered the joy of throwing things away... toys, shoes, plates.
- Says "hi"
- Pretends to talk on the phone by putting any object up to his ear.
- Can't eat eggs or milk because he gets sick.
- Loves to eat all types of fruit and vegetables, especially berries.
- Moved up to size 12-18 month clothing and wears size 3 shoes.
- Can say "momma", "dada", and "baba".  He can also says versions of "cheese", "crackers",  and "Sadee". 
- Loves, loves, loves to take baths.
- Falls down constantly... hence the bruises you can see in the picture above.  
- Can knock on the wall or a door with his tiny fist.
- Learned how to dance {or bounce} to music.
- Obsessed with electronics, specifically phones, my camera, and video game controllers.
- Will only sleep at home, although is learning to sleep at Grandma's house.
- Enjoys driving toy cars around on the floor.
- Found a pen and drew all over his arms and legs.
- Enjoys being outside and always tries to run as far away from mom and dad as possible.

Happy 11 months!