Tuesday, October 28, 2014

seven months

How is it possible that this chunker still seems like my newborn baby... and he's already closer to being a one-year-old than being a newborn.  Gosh, stop growing already!

I'm not sure what happens at 6 months +, but babies sure start learning a whole lot at that point.  This past month, Cam has hit a number of milestones - so, here we go...

- wears size 4 diapers and 6-12 mth clothing.
- sits up completely on his own.
- army crawls through the house.
- enjoys playing with toys, but would rather play with a leaf or remote.
- loves Sadee and laughs at her constantly.
- learned how to pick up small pieces of food and loves to eat Cherrios, Gerber Puffs, and yogurt melts.
- he likes : chicken, garden vegetable, peas, and all fruit {especially apples}.
- drinks 6 oz of formula every 5 hours {or so}.
- seems to have a sensitivity to rice and oat cereal.
- is still working on a good sleeping schedule, but it's getting better.
- enjoys holding hands with momma or daddy and walking around the house.
- broke a tooth {with another one popping in} on Oct 25.
- you are going to be a pumpkin and will celebrate your first Halloween in just a few days.
- loves to talk loudly and squeal.

Happy 7 months, little angel!
Your smile and laugh make everyday bright.
You make all of us laugh on a daily basis.

We love you!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Sadee : Always on the move.  Always measuring.  Always stirring.  Always cooking.

Cameron : He's officially mobile by being a tricky army crawler... we're in trouble.


Sadee : Playing with Barbie's has become her #1 hobby.  That and Polly Pockets.

Cameron : Can say "ma ma" "da da" and waves hello.

Both of these angels can play well on their own and together!  It has been much easier to accomplish tasks around the house, which allows us all to be a little happier and spend more time with one another.  It's hard to believe that Sadee was once the same age as baby Cam, but we are loving all of her toddler-ness.  Plus, we are feeling lucky we get to have a second dose of these chubby, squealing baby days.