Wednesday, August 27, 2014

five months

As always, time flies.  It seems like Cam really chunked up this last month, probably because we are currently half bottle feeding and half breastfeeding.  This kid is an eating machine!

Here's what the last month has held for our Cam Bam:
- rolls all over the place and never stays in one spot for long.
- wears 3-6 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
- continued to have tummy troubles, so we tried an acid reflux medication to no avail.
- endured a few biting sessions and punches from sister.
- hates being burped and claws at your face when you try.
- discovered toes and likes to hold on to them.
- loves the Bumbo.
- was recently moved to his crib in his own bedroom.
- started some solid food || likes : apples, pears, green beans, potatoes || dislikes : carrots and chicken
- was given an Oreo and ate the whole thing... by grandma's doing {not momma}
- hates being put down and loves being held.
- started to dislike the binky, which is proving to be problematic.
- decided he likes to ride in the car.
- enjoys drinking out of regular cups and sippie cups.
- loves bath time.
- decided that he never needs to sleep, which leads to few nap times and rough nights.
- enjoys being outside and going for walks.

My sweet baby boy,
You have taught me more in the last 5 months than I've learned in my whole life.  We've worked through some tough days and some long nights.  It's a good thing you're cute!  You're smile is heart-melting and you're laugh is infectious.  I'm glad you're gentle and kind - because that has been needed in our home.  You bring that!  I hope you always feel like you belong, because we need you in our family.  You and your sister are similar in many ways, but different in the ways that round out our family perfectly!

Love you baby.  Keep growing and smiling.


Sunday, August 24, 2014


Sadee : She finally, finally, FINALLY learned to ride her Micro Mini Scooter.  It's a little more tricky than other scooters, but she practiced and almost has it mastered.  She loves going on walks around our cul-de-sac so she can bike or scooter.  Two is a fun age, wouldn't you say?

Cameron : He's all geared up for football season - Go Cougars!  He's recently hit a curious stage - anything and everything catches his eye.  He can't even make it through a feeding when people are around.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Sadee : She's getting really good at playing pretend.  She especially loves to chat on the phone and tell long elaborate stories that basically go like this, "So, yesterday... and then... because... ummm..."  She also learned to say Hola and Adios.

Cameron : Caught mid-sneeze.  He loves toys, tickling, and watching sister play.