Monday, November 23, 2015

a day at the zoo (about 4 months ago)

Why is it that iPhones become a black hole for all photos ever taken?! It feels almost impossible to keep up with the millions of pictures we take and remembering to sort and organize them. Recently, I sat down to begin this process. Thankfully, it wasn't so terrible and it gave me a chance to save our favorites. My favorites that had been lost in the mega black hole of Kelsey's iPhone were these pictures we took at the zoo this summer. Once again, we went with our good friends (because it wouldn't be a real adventure without them). The weather was perfect, the crowds weren't bad, our friend had just passed a big test, the kids stayed happy due to lots of snack breaks and we finished by sharing our favorite Asian food restaurant with them. It was a day for the books!

It's the best being reminded of nearly perfect days! My favorite memory of this day was seeing Sadee and her best buddy hold hands in their matching tiger dresses. They love to be "same-same"! Also, can we talk about how Thanksgiving is this week (aka it's November) and I'm still dreaming over the warm summer days. Good thing this winter has been speeding by in record time. Does it feel that way for you too??

Here's to sorting iPhone pictures and reminiscing good, good day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

you are my world

Family pictures have a tendency to be mega stressful (and if they aren't for you, please share your secrets!) It's stressful spending time planning outfits, chasing kids around the house and praying they nap before the scheduled session. And yet, with all of that, I still love getting them taken because watching this family of mine grow and change is nothing short of magnificent.

We recently had the flu bug sneak into our house and it made me realize how much these little ones of mine need a mom and dad who are patient, loving and kind. Don't get be wrong, we try really hard to be those things - but, two toddlers will bring out the worst in anyone. It's true when people say that if you serve someone, you will love them. Somehow, while serving my children who needed special care while they were sick, my love grew, my heart was softened and it became easier to be present in their lives.

When I look at our family pictures this year, they represent my definition of happy. These faces are content and strong. We have grown in the last year and have learned to depend on one another. Even when I look at my own face, I find joy in the person I've become and things I've accomplished (even though it might be small). Most of the time it's hard to see our own success, yet recently I've noticed that progress comes in many different forms. It's overwhelmingly comforting to look at yourself and see happiness, beauty and success - even if that success comes simply from recognizing your simple efforts. It's even more comforting to see your face next to the ones you love most and for them to look right back at you and love you unconditionally.

This little family of mine is my whole world! They have taught, loved, molded and encouraged me into the person I am today - a person who loves herself for every fault, failure and imperfection. And to them, gosh I love you guys!  Your laughs, your snuggles, your stories - they create our family.

I love your guts, tiny family! Let's stay happy forever.

Friday, November 13, 2015

happiest friday to you!

It's the weekend, holla! And I'm excited... for no reason in particular, except it's the weekend. Plus, it always provides a good reason to say "holla" and I like to pretend like I'm hip and cool, even though using that word proves that I am, in fact, not. That, and my brother's friend had to show me how to use bluetooth the other day, and he's 11. It came in handy when my friend bought me a bluetooth selfie stick. The selfie stick provides much evidence for my lack of selfie skills (as you can see above). #fail

Basically I've reached an age where I use words that are out of date, kids have to teach me how to use electronics and I own a selfie stick.... however, I'm still lovin' up on the weekends because they'll never get old.

Might I point out that I'm still young, but kids (like my daughter and brother) think I'm sooooo old. No matter how old I get, I'll never feel mature enough to be considered an adult because I'll always love Cap'n Crunch like a 13-year-old, watch cartoons on Saturday morning and put off doing dishes a long as physically possible.

Happiest Friday, peeps!  Hope it's a good weekend for ya!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

happiest birthday, little bro!

Last week my "baby brother" turned 12! In the LDS church, boys turning 12 have the opportunity to be ordained into the Priesthood. He was excited and so cute about all our family being their to celebrate with him. 

Matt isn't officially my "baby brother" in more ways than one. He's technically the middle child and is one year away from being a teenager. But, he started kindergarten the year I graduated high school and I remember being so terrified for him to head off to school. It felt a lot like sending one of my own kids off to school when he hopped on the bus and I'm 99% sure my mom had to comfort me that day. He's growing up to be a really spectacular kid (always has been).

My favorite thing about Matt is his infectious laugh and smile. He's sensitive about others and is tuned into others feelings. He's kind of the best!

Happy birthday, my not-so-little brother!  You top the charts in my book!

Monday, November 9, 2015

It's Halloween, it's halloween!

We're growing to love Halloween more and more each year over here! Throwing little parties and putting bats all over the house is fun. Sadee wanted to decorate our house into a big tarantula, which was a terrifying idea, but I loved how she understood what Halloween was all about. One morning we even woke up to S watching The Corpse Bride on Netflix. By herself. 

When asking S what she wanted to dress up as, she thought about it for a few days and finally decided on Matilda. At first I attempted to talk her out of it - thinking, of course, that all her friends would probably be princesses and didn't want her to feel left out. After realizing what a unique idea this was and her love for Matilda, we went with it.

Then, the family costumes started reeling through my mind... you know, overthinking the whole event.  In trying to eliminate stress, I decided it was easier to skip the family Halloween costumes and just go as whatever was easiest, or skip it all together. Since there weren't a lot of ideas on the table for Cam's costume, we stopped by the Disney store one night and snagged a Buzz Lightyear costume. It was between that or Mike Wazowski - being Buzz Lightyear fit his little personality perfectly.

Hope everyone had a happy, safe Halloween! And happy (belated) Halloween from our goofy family, to yours!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

a pumpkin patch

I'm in utter shock that it's November! Utah has treated us with warm weather most days through October, which has been a blessing. While I'm still (STILL!) dreaming of summer, it worked out to celebrate autumn and Halloween all last week. We started off by heading out to a small pumpkin patch. Sometimes it's the small, family owned places that are the BEST.  There were animals, a tower of pumpkins, two slides surrounded by hay and a giant corn kernel pit. 

We want with our good friends and our hands were full with 4 kiddos running around, but the corn kernel pit kept everyone entertained enough to snag a few photos. The girls made corn angels and the boys made piles on their legs. We always feel lucky to have such a fun crew to adventure with! And even if us momma's are almost losing our minds while these cute trouble-makers run away constantly, at least we get to lose our minds together.

Happy November!