Wednesday, June 22, 2016

sprinkles birthday party

We opted to let our kiddos have "friend" birthday parties every other year, on the EVEN birthday's. Since Sadee turned FOUR this year, that meant a real birthday party. I can't remember exactly what Sadee requested, but we ended up with sort of two ideas of a party - 1) sprinkles and 2) fairies. We rolled with it. The invitation + food were all sprinkles themed, while the activities + craft were all fairy themed. 

My goal this time around was to make a beautiful, homemade, picture-worthy cake. I almost, almost spent the $50+ and purchased a gorgeous cake from a bakery... but, no... I ended up purchasing my favorite cake pans from William Sonoma on sale! Hooray for buying favorite things on sale. Then, I did a little more research and found a couple of secrets that worked perfectly. So, while you may not think twice about these cake pictures, I can't help but swoon over that tiny accomplishment. Ya know, so there's that.

Food consisted of chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles + chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles + frosted animal crackers + vanilla cupcakes + milk. It was glorious and simple and tasted pretty spectacular. And while I attempted the homemade cake... the cupcakes were purchased via The Sweet Tooth Fairy, because cupcakes just aren't my thing.

Finally, the activity that Sadee did with her friends and little brother was making fairy gardens. First off, fairy gardens aren't cheap. Nope, on the contrary in fact. Quite expensive. It was totally worth it. The girls painted their little fairy houses, put dirt and plants in their little pots, watered their plants and adorned the gardens with sparkly rocks, extra flowers and rock ladybugs. They turned out darling and all 5 little girls stayed 96.5% entertained. Little brother, on the other hand, stayed 100% entertained.

Here's to birthday parties and moving on from toddler years and onto official childhood. Oh how I'll miss these years!


Monday, June 20, 2016

girls camp 2016

It might be possible that I am single-handedly, the worst camper in the entire universe. My memories of camping are few, but almost all horrible. Even as a teenager, Girl's Camp didn't go well... like the one time I went into shock because our camp flooded. It was probably more of a panic attack than actual shock. It's just not my thing. Which I'm 100% okay with, since camping doesn't have to be everyone's "thing". After graduating from high school, I vowed to never return to Girl's Camp again. My dues had been paid and that was that... no returning. 

Welp, never say never (thanks J Biebs). This year marked my third, yes THIRD time back to camp post high-school... as a leader. People joke and wonder how or why I would be willing to go to camp when I could say no. The reality is, there is nothing like spending total one-on-one time with my sweet young women. They are the best! Literally, the best! And I'm pretty sure that I'd do anything for them, even camping for 4 days... without a shower.

Regardless, we had a GREAT time! The theme was "Go the Distance" and we each represented a country throughout the world. We represented Fiji and spoke about the Suva Fiji temple. Our focus was on the ordinances and covenants we make as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We spent different days focusing on Baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, the Sacrament, the temple Endowment and the temple Sealing. It was wonderful hearing each young women share her experiences and testimony throughout our 4 days. It was fun seeing all the girls become friends in different ways and see who they felt most comfortable around.

In the 10 days (or so) that we've been home, I've missed those girls something fierce. Their strength, their testimony, their light is nothing short of miraculous. And in those days I remembered how to laugh and have fun in a way that hasn't happened in a long, long time. Serving in Young Women's brings my heart soooooo much joy.

Here's to camping!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


These little writing haitus' are like a breath of fresh air and so good for the soul, yet basically everything is better than coming back and having a million things to catch up on. And I'd get the award for being the "best, worst blogger around"... kinda like Monica and her "best, worst massages" award. Pros and cons.

Anyway, anyway. Here are a few things that have been happening in our little fam:
- We attended our first-ever dance recital for one of our own children. Kind of, sort of a right-of-passage to a parent. Sweet Sadee did a great job, all while standing in the wrong place. Now we are taking a break from dance and on our way to try out soccer for a season. I think I'll make a better soccer mom, than a dance mom. We'll see...

- We celebrated Sadee's birthday in May with a friend birthday party which consisted of painting fairy houses and building fairy gardens. It turned out darling. Our house was scorching hot, but thankfully our dad-man got the swamp cooler working that day. Bless him. Cam really enjoyed being with all the girls and getting his craft on. We also discovered he enjoys wearing mom's t-shirts to play and paint in.

- School finished up a couple weeks ago. We spent time with my siblings, watching their dance festival and having a mini water balloon fight one afternoon. AJ completed his 2nd year teaching and enjoyed about 2 weeks off before BYU tennis camps began.

- Last week, the kids spent the week with dad while I headed off to Girl's Camp. Ahhh... girls camp - the one thing I dread the most, but always cherish the most. FOUR days in the mountains with the coolest crowd around, consisting of 12-18 year-old-girls plus us leader ladies. We made it through with minimal injuries and drama. Success!

- This week is back to pretty much normal. Us parents are both back to work, the kids are back to [mostly] their normal schedule and our evenings are spent out in the sunshine soaking in every second of that pure Vitamin D before the nights starting cooling off (can you tell I'm dreading it already?)!

There ya have it! Our last 6 weeks, smushed into some condensed version of itself. 
Happiest summer, yo!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

preschool #firstandlast

There's not a lot to say really, other than this child finished her first year of pre-school and basically rocked it. She loved every second of learning. Plus, she grew THREE inches this year. Her hair is losing some curl, but hanging on every so slightly.

Congrats my girl! One year down + many more to go!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

scripture power! mosiah 7:33

Mosiah 7:33
"But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if you do this he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage."

There's that word again - diligence. Oh how we need diligence. The scriptures are packed with promises, promises, promises. And then, of course, there's that BIG if/then statement (thank you seminary) - when you turn to the Lord, then you will be delivered out of bondage.

Bondage... bondage.... what is bondage? I think it's different for everyone. Limhi's people were in physical bondage from the Lamanites - heavily taxed + slaves. There are endless amounts of physical bondage spanning years and even decades - children who are starving, families being torn apart, abusive situations, disease, pain, death. And there's also spiritual bondage that leaves us with very little hope. In our day, the sheer quantity of distractions and access to information provides a quick barrier between ourselves and the Lord. Goodness, it's hard! But His promise is clear, when you turn to the Lord, then you will be delivered out of bondage. Whatever "bondage" that can be faced, the Lord is capable and will deliver us as we turn to Him and serve.

Oh how I'm learning to love the scriptures. They radiate power and peace from the pages. #Truth

Monday, May 16, 2016

warning, warning! dorky pictures ahead

There's a large portion of life where I forget how to have fun, I'm just sort of the serious type - go, go, go all the time. And then, this one time I married a guy who was (and is) exactly the opposite of that (aka me). He's the fun one, the cool one, the overly sarcastic human that is exactly the yin to my yang and we kind of love each other. Usually you won't find me gushing out my love towards many people, but we've been laughing together soooo much lately and it brings much needed relief on a daily basis. He likes when I'm dorky and laughs at my dumb jokes. Like earlier this evening while waiting in the drive-thru at DQ, we laughed about how serious they were about their fry sauce. I mean, they had these legit charts stating how many fry sauces came with different meals and how much it cost to add fry sauce. Stingy. And when they hand us our ice cream, they give us a pile of napkins and we laugh - no wonder they have to be stingy with their fry sauce because their losing all their money with piles of napkins. 

Laughing truly is the best medicine, but laughing with your people is somehow a trillion times better. And so, we'll keep laughing together (and eating ice cream) forever. 


Also, he just showed up with KFC and got extra food by talking about basketball with the guys at the drive-thru window. Plus, in his most serious voice ever, told me that they forgot the gravy for mashed potatoes because he knows that would literally be my nightmare. We get each other, him and I - fry sauce, napkins, take out two times in one night, mashed potatoes and all.